Accolades from visitors to Marcy’s Woods

“Marcy Woods worked its magic again today for our annual walk through your beautiful property. We thought we might have to cancel due to rain, but it stopped in time to allow us to visit. The sun even came out to greet us. We had about 24 people this time and several had never been on the property. Everyone was enchanted with the beautiful wild flowers in bloom and our birding group managed to see around 30 species of birds, including the elusive Pileated Woodpecker.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity to visit and enjoy the beauty of the woods and commend you for keeping it in its pristine condition. There are so few of these natural areas left for us to explore. Hope you enjoy a lovely summer at your cottage and we look forward to visiting in 2018.”

Lynda G,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2017

“The Niagara Falls Nature Club enjoyed our walk on May 4th. We had 56 in our group including some seeing the woods for the first time. We had breath-taking views of wild flowers growing on the dunes and in the wetlands. The sunset we saw while walking along the beach was beautiful! Thank you for keeping the woods lovely and natural.”

Joyce S,
Niagara Falls Nature Club
May 2016

“The gods were smiling on us this past Sunday morning and kept the rain from spoiling our walk through Marcy’s Woods on May 1st. What a lovely show of wildflowers we found! Both red and white trillium, Dutchman’s Breeches, Marsh Marigold and much more. There was no wind and the waters of Lake Erie were so still we could see for miles. We had 38 people in our group and all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. I gave them a brief history of the woods and your pledge to keep it as a private nature reserve. This is so important, as much of our natural heritage seems to be disappearing. Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit this pristine sanctuary.”

Lynda G,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2016

“We visited Marcy’s Woods on the weekend. It was absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful than I remembered if that is possible! Thanks so much for the map, and thanks again for arranging our visit with the owner, we truly appreciate it.”
Thank you!”

Sarah F,
Peterborough, ON
May 2015

“The Niagara Falls Nature Club had perfect weather for our walk on May 6th. 56 people come out to enjoy a walk in the woods. Some of the participants had never been to the woods before and they were amazed. One woman wrote “--it was the most spectacular view of the beauty of nature that I have ever seen.”
Thank you!”

Joyce S,
Niagara Falls Nature Club
May 2015

“On Sunday morning, April 26th, the Bert Miller Nature Club took a group of 60 people on a walk through Marcy Woods. Although the cold weather has delayed some of the spring flowers, we did see several species in bloom, as well as a number of others getting ready to open. There were also a number of birds along the way, making for a most enjoyable stroll though your beautiful property. We thank you very much for continuing to allow us access to Marcy Woods and are grateful that you are keeping it in its pristine state. It is truly one of the few unspoiled Carolinian forested dunes on Lake Erie. Best wishes for a great summer, and we hope to have the privilege of visiting the woods again next year.”

Lynda G,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2015

Woodchuck at Marcy’s Woods

“This year we again enjoyed our walk in the woods. Even with rain expected, 34 people came out to enjoy the spring flowers and birds.

Thank you so much.

I am attaching a photo I took at the Bert Miller Club walk of a woodchuck in front of her den.”

Joyce S,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2014

“Approximately 35 members and friends from the Bert Miller Nature Club enjoyed a lovely walk through Marcy Woods on Sunday, April 27th. Although a number of the wild flowers were not yet in bloom because of the cool weather, we still enjoyed the peace and serenity of the beautiful woodlands and dunes. We were rewarded with an appearance of the Pileated Woodpecker, a much sought after bird. We thank you for giving us the opportunity once again to visit this Carolinian gem and are pleased that you continue to maintain it as a nature preserve.”

Lynda G,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2014

I wanted to thank you and Allison for the great hike which our parish St Luke’s, Ridgeway and Good Shepherd Niagara Falls participated in on St Michael’s Day.

I am including an article I wrote for our newsletter.”

Maria F,
St Luke’s Lutheran, Ridgeway
November 2013

“On behalf of the Bert Miller Nature Club, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit Marcy’s Woods on April 28th. The weather was perfect, and a number of the wildflowers were in bloom. We had quite a large group of people attending, including members of the Niagara Frontier Botanical Society. This group was especially grateful to be included, since it was their first time visiting the woods. As botanists, they were thrilled with the number and variety of plants.

We commend you for continuing to protect this Carolinian jewel, and hope that we may be permitted to enjoy it again next spring.

Best wishes to you and your family.”

Lynda G,
Bert Miller Nature Club
May 2013

“Thank you for giving permission for the Niagara Falls Nature Club to walk at Marcy’s Woods last Wednesday. We had forty people participating. We all enjoyed seeing so many beautiful wildflowers in bloom including a few of the Yellow variation of the Red Trillium. Some of our participants remarked on how happy they are to see the woods kept so wild and natural.


Joyce S, May 2013

“Just a note to say how much we appreciate the opportunity to bring our students from the Grade 8 “Journey” Retreat to experience the beauty and peace of Marcy’s Woods.

This has become a favorite part of the retreat as students learn more about the environment and gain a greater appreciation of Gods’ creation.

On behalf of the 2,000 Grade 8’s and staff of the Niagara Catholic District School Board, THANK YOU! We look forward to continuing to visit Marcy’s Woods next year.”

Krista, Michelle, Penny and Debbie
Niagara Catholic District School Board
June 2012

“Members and friends of the Niagara Falls Nature Club had a wonderful walk at Marcy’s Woods last night. Despite the threat of rain, 49 people came to enjoy the beauty of the forest, including some families with children. We did get rained on at first but then the sun came out and the evening was beautiful. Thank you.”

Joyce S, May 2012

“On behalf of the Bert Miller Nature Club, I’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit Marcy’s Woods on April 30th. We had approximately 30 people in our group and everyone enjoyed seeing the emerging wild flowers, migrant birds and other wildlife. We appreciate having access to this natural treasure and are pleased that you are committed to keeping it in its natural state. It is truly a jewel of biodiversity.”

Lynda G, May 2011

“Thanks so much for your help with visiting Marcy’s Wood. It’s quite a gorgeous site!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much flying on the day I visited. Probably a bit early in the season, and a bit cool.

I did see a Red Admiral and a couple of Spring Azures.

You were right about the Hop tree – it is one of the food plants for the Giant Swallowtail. I will definitely be back in Port Colborne later this summer, and look forward to another visit if that is possible. I will contact you regarding permission when my plans firm up.

Cheers, and thanks again”

Rick C, May 2011

“Members of The Niagara Falls Nature Club enjoyed our walk in the woods on May 4th. 43 people came on the walk and marveled at all the flowers in bloom and at all the birds we heard singing. Thank you.”

Joyce S, May 2011

“My family and I went for for a walk through the woods on Easter Sunday. Earl Plato was kind enough to give us permission to do so. I also am the bus driver that drives the SCOEP kids to the woods. I wanted my children to experience God’s beauty there and appreciate it as much as I do. We had and incredible time and they are already asking when they go back. I want to thank you for allowing people such as myself to enjoy these surroundings. I hope we can continue to visit Marcy’s Woods. I love to take nature pictures and this incredible place gives me so many opportunities to capture true beauty.

Thank you again”

Rhonda E and Family, April 2011

“I am writing on behalf of the members of “The Supposed Book Club” to express our heartfelt thanks for allowing Mr. Earl Plato and his daughter, Allison, to lead us on a fun, informative walk in Marcy’s Woods last Thursday.

Many of our members have heard of Marcy’s Woods but never had the opportunity to visit and were truly in awe of the beauty. Everyone commented on how you and your family have done such an excellent job of incorporating the improvements (i.e. the pathway, stairs) in keeping with the environment.

We cannot thank you enough and we all look forward to a return visit sometime in the future.”

Anne Marie L, May 2010

“Members of The Niagara Falls Nature Club enjoyed our walk at Marcy’s Woods last Thursday. We had a beautiful night, thank you for allowing us to reschedule.

Twenty-seven hikers came, including a few who had never seen the woods before. The highlights of our walk were the profusion of blooms, the many Wood Thrush singing, a Scarlet Tanager and the gorgeous sunset we enjoyed while walking along the beach to our cars.”

Joyce S, May 2010

“On behalf of the Bert Miller Nature Club, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to enjoy a walk through Marcy’s Woods on Saturday, April 24th. This year, we invited members of the general public to join us for the walk and preceded it with a seminar on Wednesday, April 21st, highlighting the fabulous flora and fauna that live in your preserve. We were pleased at the response from the public and I’m sure you will be hearing from a number of them expressing their thanks for the opportunity.

The early spring provided a wealth of wildflowers for visitors to enjoy and the melodic sounds of the wildlife added to the experience. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all in attendance.

We appreciate your generousity in opening up the Woods to visitors (through Earl Plato) and hope that we may have the opportunity again in the future.”

Paul P, April 2010

“Last Saturday I joined the Bert Miller Nature Club on a walk through Marcy’s Woods. After being told that the Woods are private property, but that permission had been given to enjoy the flora, fauna and wildlife, I felt very lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of your land.

Thank you for your generosity in allowing this privelege. Your kindness gave the group (over 80 people) many beautiful and informative memories to take back home.”

Jackie P, April 2010

“Thank you for allowing the Niagara Falls Nature Club to have an outing at Marcy’s Woods on May 31st.

Thirty-three members came and enjoyed their day walking in the woods, seeing plants such as the spectacular Cinnamon and Maidenhair ferns.”

Joyce S, June 2009

“Just another thank you for all you are doing. There is no question in my mind, but that continuing to have this beautiful land in private hands makes the most sense for all.”

Bart, June 2009

“Your kindness has been appreciated. Thank you for allowing us to visit Marcy’s Woods! We all had a great time.”

Chris W and the NCC Grade 7 Class, June 2009

“We had a great day out there and found quite a few Fowler’s Toads. The staff really enjoyed the opportunity to see a site in such good shape with so many plant species that they never, or rarely ever, get to see.

The dunes are looking good. Nice to see them without ATV tracks all over them, so your presence is obviously helping.

Thanks again for your generousity in sharing your property.”

James Kamstra,
Gartner Lee
September 2008

“...this past weekend I led a group of "Fathers and sons and daughters" on a camping weekend at Windmill Point Park. Included in the weekend was a hike in "Marcy’s Woods". I had made arrangements with Earl Plato, as I had for the past two years as well. Thank you so much for making this possible. We had about 25 of us hikers. Blessings on you and yours.”

Ray, June 2008

“Thank you for permitting the Niagara Falls Nature Club to have a nature walk at Marcy’s Woods.

Despite the light rain, twenty-eight people came out to enjoy seeing the spring flowers and we also have the good fortune to see a Pileated Woodpecker fly by.”

Joyce S., May 2008

“On May 26 I was priveleged to see Marcy’s Woods on a tour with Fort Erie Horticultural Society led by guide Earl Plato.

I have lived in Fort Erie 37 years and have never seen Marcy’s Woods. It truly is a treasure and thank you for keeping the woods as a natural habitat.”

Anne K, May 2007

“We want to let you know how much we appreciate being able to hike through Marcy’s Woods and enjoy all it’s natural beauty.

Earl Plato was an excellent guide and is an informative naturalist.

We have lived in this area since 1975 and it was only about 10 years ago we learned about this Carolonian forest in our "back yard"! How wonderful that you continue to preserve it, yet are willing to share with others who love this quiet place. Over the past few years, we hiked (without a guide) while it was yet in the Marcy family. This was the first time though that we had a hike with Mr. Plato.

Thank you for your generousity!”

Dan Y. and Family, May 2007

“Thank you so much for our walk through Marcy’s Woods. It was beautiful to see and we all truly appreciated it.”

Rose P.
Fort Erie Horticultural Society
May 2007

“The Niagara Falls Nature Club (61 of us) enjoyed our walk at Marcy’s Woods last Wednesday.
The weather was perfect and the woods were beautiful.
Thank you so much.”

Joyce S., May 2007

“I would like to thank you for allowing myself and some of my Fort Erie Secondary Environmental Club students out to your property this past weekend with Earl Plato. They really enjoyed themselves.”

Fred L., May 2006

“We want to thank you for the opportunity to visit your property on Lake Erie and walk through the beautiful Marcy’s Woods last Saturday. It has been many years since we have visited these woods. After reading his recent column in the Review, we contacted our friend Earl Plato, who arranged our visit and led us part way. We were hoping to see the Hooded Warbler which had been sighted the previous week. Although that sighting eluded us, we saw a number of birds, including a female Hairy Woodpecker feeding her babies. It was a thouroughly enjoyable morning walk, which we hope we might have the opportunity to experience once again.”

Lynda & Ron G., May 2006

“Our small group from the Guelph Field Naturalists want to thank you for your generous hospitality, allowing us to explore your land today. Your property is truly a natural gem, and we enjoyed having Earl to point out some of its highlights. The birds were not moving around much, but we could identify quite a few by sound, and the rare plants were a treat (and, as always, much more cooperative than birds). Thank you so much for protecting this piece of natural heritage, and for sharing it with us!”

Rob S., May 2006

“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing Earl Plato to take me and a small group through the woods last Saturday. It was beautiful as usual.”

Bridgette B., May 2006

“I would like to thank you for allowing the Special Needs class from Saint Paul High School to take a walk through Marcy’s Woods with Earl Plato on October 28. Although it was very difficult for the students in wheelchairs, especially since the gate was locked, we did manage to get them through. For most of these students it was the first time that they have ever been in the middle of such a magnificent forest. I appreciate your generousity in sharing your beautiful property with us.”

Bridgette B.
Special Class Teacher
Saint Paul High School
October 2005