Press Release: Marcy’s Woods: A Commitment to Restoration, Preservation, & Education

For Immediate Release
Contact: Melissa Marshall
PR Coordinator

Marcy’s Woods: A Commitment to Restoration, Preservation, & Education

(Niagara Falls, Ontario, February 2009) -Marcy’s Woods Web Site proudly unveiled by the Dino DiCienzo family of Niagara Falls.

Marcy’s Woods, 285 acres of intact Carolinian forest, is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and is considered one of Canada’s most unique biodiversities. This uniqueness stems from the vast array of flora and fauna that call Marcy’s Woods home. Despite the uniqueness of Marcy’s Woods the area has not always been protected.

In 2003 the DiCienzo family of Niagara Falls purchased Marcy’s Woods with a commitment to restoring, preserving and adequately managing the sensitive sand dunes, fragile habitats and species. To exemplify that Marcy’s Woods can be successfully preserved under private ownership; extensive restoration projects have been undertaken to alleviate human impact both past and present. Achieving a balance between conservation and human enjoyment is currently under way while allowing the ecosystem to rebuild and to ensure that the natural heritage of the region will remain a priority.

The DiCienzo family has made positive efforts to ensure that the public remain partners in its conservation.  The public can gain admittance to Marcy’s Woods with permission and school groups, nature groups, conservation organizations, photography clubs and others interested in the preservation of the beauty and uniqueness of Marcy’s Woods are encouraged to contact for available dates.  Guided tours are also available upon request.

Controlling access to Marcy’s Woods has successfully helped eliminate the negative human impact on this ecosystem. Successful initiatives include regular garbage clean up, reducing access to sand dunes, reducing the number of trials, increasing police presence.  Private security and local involvement has decreased vandalism, bonfires, hunting, anchoring boats and ATV use.

The combination of these initiatives which will continue to be built upon will not only help stabilize the environment of Marcy’s Woods but will also encourage the growth and protection of the species that make it their home. It is the goal of the DiCienzo family that the Marcy’s Woods web site will encourage public involvement and the site, now fully functional including a blog with content provided by Earl Plato, a leading Niagara environmentalist and conservationist who has extensive first  hand knowledge of Marcy’s Woods. The Marcy’s Woods blog will be used to convey information, events and activities regarding Marcy’s Woods to the public.

For more information on Marcy’s Woods or to request access to this area please visit